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You’ve heard the saying…”Save up for a Rainy Day.”

Well, have you heard of,  ‘Save up for the storm of your life?’

Yeah, me neither.

In this day and age, it is becoming much harder to have a “rainy day fund.”

What happens when you find yourself in the ‘midst of a storm’ with a child who is seriously ill, born with special needs, or in a medical crisis…..and you didn’t quite have the time or resources to save up for a “rainy day”?

Many Raindancer parents must quit their jobs at a time when their daily expenses are drastically increasing.  Our Raindancer families have numerous, extended hospital stays, travel and overnight trips to specialists, and a variety of expensive medications and special dietary items to keep stocked.  At the same time, they have all the normal bills, expenses, and mortgages of the average financially-stretched family.  In short, there is less money coming in and far more money going out.

It seemingly never ends for our Raindancer families. The “normal” things of life do not stop because you want them too. They still have to find time to clean their house, buy groceries, fix dinner, and clean up their yard, all while they care for, and love their Raindancer and other children.

This is why SJGF is so very proud and excited to create the “Rainy Day Fund” so that YOU can help them DIRECTLY!  

100% of your donation will be used to help our previous Raindancer families who find themselves in the midst of a RAINY DAY.  Depending on the families’ needs, the Rainy Day Fund will be able to help with:

  • Mortgage, rent, utilities, or other crucial (non-medical) bills
  • Gas, restaurant, and grocery store gift cards
  • Care packages for parents staying with their children during extended hospital stays
  • Housing, lodging and travel needs required while traveling to specialized care
  • House cleaning for families requiring a sterile environment for their children
  • Items and devices that may help improve the quality of life for the Raindancer
  • Other unexpected expenses that may arise because these parents are struggling to provide the absolute best care for their children


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