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Community is important to us all, but especially to our ‘Raindancers‘ and their families.  Community is defined as “a feeling of fellowship with others”.  Community  IS  your town and your neighborhood, but it’s also who you consider to be your “people”.  It’s the people you see at church, co-workers who have become friends, your children’s friends parents who you set beside at sporting events….just like the definition says, it’s people you fellowship with.  Our families are so often asked by their community, “what can we do”, “how can we help”?  Here at SJGF, we strive to honor Julia Grace’s gift of bringing everyone together by bridging together the Raindancer and their ‘community’. We want to connect  people  who want to show their support, love, and concern.. to the children and families they care about. We do this is in different ways depending on the Raindancer’s “love project”.

If you would like to Join the Dance by offering your time, services, expertise, gifts, and/or talents  please share with us how you would like to help. We are creating a database that we will use for future events, planning, and volunteers.

Please click on this link and tell us a little bit about yourself and how you would like to offer your services or time to help our Foundation be a blessing to children in the midst of a storm.

Your time, heart, care, love, and/or service will always be appreciated.

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  1. […] Sara Knight was nominated by her friend Denise for her incredible work through the Sweet Julia Grace Foundation, created in memory of her daughter.  Julia lived 12 beautiful years inspiring everyone who knew her, read about her, and loved her.  Despite the storms she faced because of a rare genetic disease called I-cell, Julia knew how to “dance in the rain” and live in the moment.  Sara keeps her daughter’s life and love alive by celebrating “rain dancers” – children who are battling illness or have special needs.  Through the Sweet Julia Grace Foundation, she comes alongside these families and celebrates them in the midst of their storm.  Find out how you can be involved! […]

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