2nd Annual Family Bingo Night LOVEraiser

What a beautiful, special, inspirational, FUN night we had our 2nd Annual Family Bingo Night. Our sponsors made this all possible, our community showed up in full force, our volunteers made sure everything was perfect, and our Raindancers and their familes added some sunshine! The night was perfect, and a huge success. 300 Bingo players filled up a SOLD OUT Heritage Hunt! And SO much magic happened!

We surprised our next Raindancer, Kaleb with a dream come true! When we met Kaleb, we were astounded at how mature he was, and how passionate he was about cooking and watching the Food Network. His favorite chef is Bobby Flay. We set out to reach for the stars for Kaleb and was ACTUALLY able to get in Bobby Flay’s ear to tell Bobby about this brave, amazing, young man who lives in Virginia that he just HAD to meet! Well he agreed! Kaleb and his family will get to visit NYC this April, meet Bobby, attend a taping of his show “Throwdown with Bobby Flay”, and enjoy dinner ‘on Bobby’ at one of his restaurants. We are just beyond thrillled for him, and so happy we got to surprise Kaleb and his family in front of our 300 Bingo attendees! THAT wasn’t all! The generosity continued throughout the night when the winner of the XBOX surprised Kaleb by giving it to him! Within seconds of that, the winner of the smart TV jumped up and said…”Well Kaleb needs a new TV to play his new XBOX on!” So yes…this was a fundraiser that was not just a fundraiser, but community at its best! A night with inspiration, and love stories, and homegrown goodness. With children that light up a room, memories that are being made, and lessons that are being taught, with lots of giving….and lots of special children that will now be helped…and stories that will be told for years to come. That was our Family Bingo Night. We don’t just have fundraisers…we do life…together, and the love is in the air from start to finish. Wait, I know! We have LOVEraisers, yep…we have loveraisers. Thank you to everyone who came out to our Family Bingo Night Loveraiser, it was amazing.

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Thank you to our Sponsors!

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