Prince William Half Marathon



We asked for your help, and you showed up, in a big way.

Teams, church groups, teens, families, co-workers, individuals….because of you, SJGF was able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity on September 25, 2016, by partnering with Fun Run Racing, the organizers of the Prince William Half Marathon.

Your VOLUNTEERISM is a testament to your love and devotion. It’s no easy feat getting up before the sun on a chilly ‪Sunday morning. Not only did you do it, but you did it with love and kindness in your hearts, and with smiles on your faces! The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation was a huge presence at the race. Your time and willingness to help allowed us to raise money to fund TWO RAINDANCERS!  Our volunteers handed out water, provided help to the runners and organizers, ran the concession tent and beer garden, and cheered on the runners (the most important part of the day of course).

In addition, we were able to share our message with thousands and thousands of runners and their families!!

The race organizers have received so much positive feedback about The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation volunteers. Everyone from the runners, to the spectators, to the company who ran the water stations, have said that they were so impressed at how positive everyone was and how well our teams worked together.

Here is a note from the owner of Rev3Adventure who ran the water stations, which was sent to the race organizers:  “I wanted to share that the volunteers from The Sweet Julia Foundation were the absolute best. I’ve worked alongside a lot of volunteers in my recent past and they win the award for most outstanding. I had a blast!”

We have to agree Rev3, our volunteers ARE OUTSTANDING!!

We are so grateful for your time and commitment! You made this fundraising event, truly amazing. Helping our Raindancer families who are in the midst of a storm, truly does take a village, and we are sincerely grateful for ours!

There are so many ways for you and your family to get involved with SJGF. If you’d like to SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER WITH SJGF, please fill out our JOIN THE DANCE FORM found on our website.


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