Strong Love United (June 5, 2016)

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I have dreamed of bringing together our Raindancer Mama’s from the very beginning. I used to ask God to get me into the world of momma’s going through the storm back when Julia was here with me. To do life with them…to let them know I understood the joys and fears, the worries and small victories. I wanted us to show each other our hearts, and lay them bare so that we could love each other, in a true sisterly way. A sisterhood that was not only based on our understanding, and compassion for one another, but also united in our strong love for our children. So many people call us Raindancer mom’s ‘strong’. I know many do that out of respect, admiration…but most of us mom’s feel anything but.

We are simply doing what you would do…caring, loving, and advocating for our babies. We are momma bears, medical experts, prayer warriors, advocates, nurses, teachers, therapists, and doctors…whatever we need to be for our babies…that we are. But strong…? Ummm, who’s to really say? Most of us feel broken, and like a “hot mess”. But one thing that is strong…OUR LOVE for our children. On June 5th, our strong love united, and amazing things happened. More than we probably can even understand. Hearts were shared, joys were expressed, and fears were freely spoken out loud. All with no judgment…and only love.
This will be the first of many Raindancer Mama’s Gatherings, and we can’t wait to see how God answers this prayer I had from years ago. We will do life together, laugh, cry, and hold each other, and we will listen open-heartedly. We will truly ‘see’ each other, we will get to ‘know’ each other right where we REALLY are….and we will let our strong love unite.

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