Aspen’s enchanted aspen forest BIG GIRL room!!

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We’ve been busy around here, but thankfully we have awesome “Raindancer Leads” who make magic happen and rock at blessing, celebrating, and loving our Raindancers! Melanie knocked this one out of the park for miss Aspen. Aspen was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia on April 7th 2015 at 16 months old, and will be in treatment for it for 3 years. Just like all our other Raindancers, sweet Aspen is just so full of life, and not complaining one bit about what she is going through. She just smiles and keeps keeping on, like the superhero she is. Aspen’s family just moved into a new home, and she’s been having a hard time adjusting and definitely had no interest in being alone in her new room, let alone sleeping in there. So SJGF, with Melanie at the lead, created a beautiful BIG GIRL ROOM with an enchanted forest theme, for her to fall in love with. After the reveal, and after hours of playing, when she took my hand and said “lets go to my room”… I knew our mission had been completed. Reheiser family…you have offiicially been showered with love. Thank you to Melanie and her husband Scott for the hours of love they put into Aspen’s room, and to the awesome crew who spent Saturday putting it all together. It turned out so perfect.

You can follow Aspen’s journey on her Facebook page here:

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