Grady: SJGF Celebrates a NEW DAY with Grady!

Grady has spent most of his first year of life in the hospital, BUT it’s a NEW DAY Grady! Grady has been home since June and is getting bigger and stronger each day! Team Julia heard from Aunt Kristin that Grady and his family could benefit from being SHOWERED with some Julia love, and some items that will help his awesome parents with his care. We are so glad she did! Thanks to your support, we were able to take Grady and his parents a much needed generator, to help power his medical equipment in case of a power outage. But once we heard he loved all things Mickey, of course we had to bring him some Mickey goodies that would make him smile and bring him some joy too! A very special someone donated a large vintage framed Mickey for his room, we found the perfect Mickey desk that will help him learn to sit like a big boy as he gets stronger, a jumperoo that will assist him in his therapy and strengthening, and some other goodies, including a few balls of course! Julia loved to have someone throw a “ball up”! A big thank you to our friends who donated a baby video monitor for Grady’s momma so that she can watch Grady as he sleeps without having to stay right by his side. Julia’s momma, Sara, can relate to all these things, because without a video monitor to keep an eye on Raindancer’s as they sleep, and a generator in case power goes out, it’s hard to have peace of mind! A big shout-out to One Rock Studio for donating a family photo shoot to Grady and his family as well! We are blessed to bless you Adams family. Go Grady Go!
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