Isla: Isla’s Day of Adventures, A new Play room and a Visit from Elmo!

Oh Isla the Fierce, you had us at..your cute little shoulder moves. 😉 We are so happy to meet this amazing family. When we met with Isla’s momma Amy, we were careful to take note of all her hopes and thoughts for Miss Isla and her brother Elliot. Isla is beating cancer and the treatments causes her immune system to be fragile at times, but yet Isla is fortunate to have lots of little friends and cousins who love to come play with her. Her play room was already full of an abundance of art and craft materials, toys galore, dress up clothes, puzzles and books. We simply brightened it up a little, and created organization to give Isla and her brother a light filled, happy room to play in this winter. We took special care to give everything a home, create a dress up corner with a little girls dream mirror, a reading nook, an arts and crafts section, an organized closet, and a designated “dirty toy” bin so that Amy’s friends could periodically come over and sanitize the “played with toys” before placing them back in their “home” to be played with by Isla. This way Amy can rest assure that there is a system set in place for Isla to have a happy, organized, sanitized play area in her home, making it easy to still invite friends and cousins over to join in! We also learned by talking to Amy, that Isla’s favorite thing to watch, and listen to, is Elmo singing “I’m Yours” with Jason Mraz. Well we just happened to have a “Jason Mraz” in our life in the form of Shawn Morgal, of LTD Lite, and we found an Elmo costume, courtesy of Happy Smiles Costumes in Fairfax. Jake Morgal willingly played Elmo for the day…and we were able to give Isla a real life version of her favorite song! A day of adventures for Isla for sure! New playroom, new iPad to make traveling to the hospital and treatments more enjoyable, a fun-filled day with friends and family celebrating, and a private concert for the family featuring none other than ELMO!! Please pray for Isla as she continues to FIERCELY kick cancer’s butt and faces surgery in the near future. You are loved precious little girl.


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