Lily Grace & Thaddeus: A Night of CHRISTMAS JOY & SURPRISES for the Rancourt family!

Back in early 2014, after a local paper did an article about SJGF in the newspaper, I received a phone call learning about a very special family who had adopted a little girl from China who had been through so much in her short life here. Many surgeries, many lengthy hospital stays, many questions on what she would need to survive. We instantly knew that Lily was going to be one of our Raindancers. We just didn’t know it wouldn’t be until Christmas! Lily was waiting on a new heart, and she received that beautiful gift, just a few months later. She has spent the majority of this year, fighting for her life, and in the hospital. Yet, in the midst of it all, she never quit worshipping Jesus, never let go of hope, and never let go of her amazing spunky full of life spirit that God has given her. Lily Grace is a true miracle, and even though she still needs oxygen, she knows that she can do anything she sets her new heart to. This is her first Christmas at home, and she is doing so much better now. Thaddeus joined the family from China just a few weeks ago, and its no wonder they are in love. This gentle little boy is a sweet, miracle from above. Thadd also has a heart condition, and the family has been told that his brave little heart can’t be fixed by surgery. God has sustained his life, and he lives miraculously. The family is soaking up every second and every minute with this little superhero, and trusting that God is with them every step of the way. He will be admitted for a heart cath after Christmas. So this Christmas is one very SPECIAL Christmas for the Rancourt Family. Thank you to Rachel Gray of Joy To The Kids, Inc. for helping us make this a night they will always remember. This night was full of MANY memories for sure. From Elsa spending the evening with them, an awesome cake made by Stacked, gifts and gifts galore, a new Wii and a karaoke corner in the playroom and a yard full of carolers from the community!! What a JOY-FILLED Christmas Celebration we had!! Thank you to everyone who bought gifts from their wish list and to everyone who braved the cold to fill their yard with JOY and SONG!! Merry Christmas to all! ♥


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