Trevor: Our Superhero, Trevor

Superhero Training with Trevor and his allies! We met the most amazing Rain Dancer. Not only is he a true superhero, he knows how to dance in the rain. Trevor had a visit from another superhero, Iron Man! With the help of Julia’s team, Iron Man put Trevor and his allies through some intensive “Superhero Training” complete with “Iron Man Says”, an obstacle course, Bad guys 101, and a pep talk! Iron Man even made Trevor an official Superhero when he presented him with a Certificate, and his very own Cape. Iron Man dubbed Trevor, “Titanium Man” which Trevor decided he would stick with. After lots of joy, giggles, and smiles we hope ‘Titanium Man’ felt the love from a team who will be praying for him, and cheering him on from the sidelines. Thank you to everyone who helped us make this awesome night very special for an amazing family. Keep Trevor in your prayers this week as he heads to the hospital for intensive treatments, to kick cancers butt. God is good.

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