SJGF is coming to WV!! We will be rolling out our first out-of-state “Team Julia,” in Hurricane, WV, where a team of volunteers, including Julia’s grandparents, are committed and ready to help WV Raindancers “Dance in the Rain”! Julia Grace Knight was born in WV, buried in WV, and most of her family still lives there, so it’s only fitting to bring the foundation that honors her amazing life and legacy there as well.  We are so excited to be able to BLESS, CELEBRATE, and LOVE these very deserving, special families who have found themselves in the midst of the storm.


All money raised in WV, and earmarked for WV children will stay in WV and help WV Raindancers.  We are looking for donors, both individual and corporate that can help us bless these special Raindancers with life-changing gifts and support. Along with financial gifts to help us get started in WV, we also strive to ‘bridge the gap’ between the people who want to give of their talents, services, and gifts with the families that we serve and love. It truly does take a village.

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