Who We Are

The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation (SJGF), based out of Bristow, VA (in Northern Virginia), is a non-profit, all volunteer organization, INSPIRED by, and in honor of Julia Grace Knight. Julia lived 12 beautiful years inspiring everyone who knew her, read about her, and loved her. Despite the storms she faced because of a rare genetic disease called I-cell, Julia knew how to “Dance In The Rain.” She lived in the moment, made life SWEET, and filled hearts with JOY…just by being her.

SJGF celebrates Julia’s amazing spirit by blessing children who are chronically or seriously ill, have special needs, or in the midst of a medical crisis. We call these children “Raindancers.” We fill in the gaps, grant wishes, and work with the child’s family to provide carefullychosen, non-medical gifts that bring fun, comfort, improved quality of life, and of course JOY! On the day that we present the gifts to our “Raindancer” we surprise them, their siblings and family with a specially-designed CELEBRATION that brings a whole lot of happy, creates special memories they will always cherish, and lets the family know..they are loved.

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