Julia Grace Knight, Our Original Raindancer

January 15, 2002-November 4, 2013

‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain.’

Julia Grace

Our sweet, precious girl.  How we miss your belly laughs, your smiles, your hugs, your eyes, your humor, your cuddles…your love…your everything. You were a shining light, a calm in our busy day, a sign of greater things. You taught us how to visit, how to slow down and enjoy one another, how to love unconditionally, how to have hope.  The pain of missing you is under every smile, every day, every moment. But it is there because of the depth of our love for you. You changed our life, you changed many lives. You were a life changer, a raindancer, a lover of music and dance, baths and your puppy, Tucker. You created new hobbies like “spinning” and knew how to boss around people to get just what you wanted. You loved your ‘Bubba’, and you were the best sister he could ever have. He was your hero, you were his princess, and always his #1 fan. We are glad for you, and happy you are now free. We miss you and will see you in a twinkling of an eye…


We were blessed to have Julia here with us for 12 amazing years.  We lost track of the days she spent in the hospital,  the amount of surgeries she had,  the days we almost lost her. But we haven’t lost track of the joy she gave us, the beautiful life she lived, or the endless lessons she taught us. I could write a library of books about this girl and how she was used to teach me so many truths about this life.  Julia had a rare disease called I-cell. I-cell affects your entire body, doesn’t allow your proteins to break down correctly, doesn’t allow you to grow….causes pain in your joints, in your back, makes a cold seem like a war…I could go on and on but I won’t. This disease is one of the maybe thousands you probably have NEVER heard of, but the bottom line is this, there are children all around you…in your community going thru a storm. Their families long for normal days, hate cold season, treasure every moment with their child, and appreciate when people take time to care. Just like Julia though, these superheroes aren’t waiting for their storms to pass before they have fun, laugh, soak up the moment, visit with family, laugh with strangers, change others lives….they are doing it now. Right now, in the midst of their storm. They are amazing. Their families are amazing.  We want to do whatever we can to walk alongside them and DANCE with them, LOVE them, SHOWER them with blessings, make their lives more comfortable, more fun, more happy. We want to bring them Joy.  Do you too? Then Join the Dance. 

We are so honored and blessed to carry out our daughters legacy of inspiration and love in a way that allows us to shower God’s love on to others.  Thank you for your time and support. Please watch Julia’s Celebration of Life video below. Thank you for learning about our girl.

All our love…

(If you would like to read more of Julia’s story, please go to www.carepages.com where you will surely be blessed and inspired by Julia’s amazing spirit & strength and God’s perfect mercy & grace. Her life journey is one of beauty, unconditional love, hope and victories, thanks be to God.  Once you go to www.carepages.com ‘sign in’ and then do a search on their site for SweetJuliaGrace.)


The Inspiration Behind It all…

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