Our Mission

The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation’s mission is to bless, celebrate and love children who are chronically or seriously ill, have special needs, or in the midst of a medical crisis. We call these children “Raindancers” because despite the storms they face, they Dance in the Rain. SJGF fills in the gaps, grants wishes and meets the non-medical needs of the Raindancer and their families.

Our Vision

To show support and love to every child and family in the midst of a storm.

Our Values

  • Develop lasting relationships with our Raindancer Families
  • Reach for the stars for each family we encounter
  • Bridge the gap between the families we serve and those in the community who desire to help
  • Encourage volunteerism in the youth and the community in general
  • Inspire, Love, Encourage
  • Run SJGF on less than 10% operating expenses
  • Help the children in our community enjoy the simple joys of childhood, despite their conditions
  • Create opportunities for people to give back
  • Incorporate family fun & community involvement when hosting charity events
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